Toto (Female Capuchin)

She lived as a pet in the city together with a human family. The kid who lived with her was always bothering her till she badly bit the kid. Then she was transferred to the Sanctuary. Have many friends, is very sweet and likes to cares the hands of caregivers. She like to make wells, making the earth wet to soften it and then dig with his fingernails. She is in love with a monkey younger than her and likes to harass him.

US$ 15.00 ($500 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a monkey for a month 

US$ 10.00 ($400.00 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a dog for a month 

US$ 20.00 ($800.00 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a puma for a week 

US$ 25.00 ($1000.00 AR – Aprox.) 
It can buy a box of bananas


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