Our Mission

Proyecto Carayá - Monkey Sanctuary

Founded by Maria Alejandra Juarez over 20 years ago and recognized by the Jane Goodall institute,  Proyecto Carayá  is Argentina’s first and only monkey sanctuary. We currently host over 150 monkeys (plus: dogs, donkeys, pigs, chickens, pumas, viscachas and llamas!), and are located about 2 hours outside of Cordoba, near La Cumbre.

Maria Alejandra Juarez with Jane Goodall at the monkey sanctuary

Maria Alejandra Juarez with Jane Goodall at the monkey sanctuary

Proyecto Carayas rescues several species of at-risk monkeys, many of which were poached as infants and sold as pets. Often drugged and domesticated, we need to teach them how to be monkeys again. Through our three-stage rehabilitation and socialization program, our ultimate hope is to repatriate them to their natural habitat.

How We Work

Our income comes from two sources: our guided tours, and the contributions of volunteers. Obviously, volunteers are crucial to the success of our organization, and we are always looking for people to come support our team! Check out volunteering opportunities here, and click here to donate

About the Caraya team

We work with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers to complete our mission. If you want to help our cause and work with monkeys make sure to check out the Volunteer page.

Our team members

Maria Alejandra Juarez


Mayu Pilsel


Juan Pablo


Malen Pilsel


Carola Milozzi


Carola Arnijas


Maria Ahumada


Pablo Freire


We Need Your Help

In the future, Proyecto Carayas aims to engage the indigenous people who contribute to monkey trafficking, by hiring them to work on the reserve. The ultimate goal: repatriate the monkeys to their natural habitat in northern Argentina.  

To realize our goals, we rely on the generosity of our visitors, volunteers, and local community to give their time and resources to keep our efforts moving. We welcome your contributions in any form!