Our Mission

Proyecto Carayá - Monkey Sanctuary

Founded by Maria Alejandra Juarez and recognized by the Jane Goodall Institute, Proyecto Carayá is the first and only primate center in Argentina.

Working for over 25 years in the rescue, rehabilitation and conservation of primates. At the moment we are home of more than 170 monkeys.

Proyecto Carayá also works on the conservation of Pumas, having rescued 7 specimens. We also work as a refuge for more than 30 abandoned dogs.

Maria Alejandra Juarez with Jane Goodall at the monkey sanctuary

Maria Alejandra Juarez with Jane Goodall at the monkey sanctuary

Why we rehabilitate the Carayá Monkey?

  • populations were considerably reduced by YELLOW FEVER 

The Howler Monkey is from the Northeast Argentina.

The hunters go inside the jungle where they search for the mother who is carrying the baby and then they kill her. When the mother dies, the hunters take the baby and sell it as pets.

It is the most illegally traded mammal in Argentina. It is illegal to BUY, OWN AND SELL a monkey, so our job is to rescue them and take them to the Sanctuary.

When the monkeys arrive at the center, our team begins the rehabilitation work in which we teach them to behave like monkeys and to lose the human customs they have adopted.

When the "monkeys become monkeys again" and learned how to live with other monkeys, they are released into the Sanctuary where they live in community with other monkeys.




At the Sanctuary we are also rehabilitating Capuchin Monkeys rescued from a biomedical laboratory and Zoos.
The groups of adapted Capuchins, coexist in freedom with the howler monkeys.




The puma is a specie victim of several dangers in our region. These big cats are suffering the destruction of their environment,  being hunted by sport and as way of protection to cattle raising.

In the Sanctuary we assist them in a remote area in the mountain with specialized cages. To prevent and avoid stress from them, the tourist that visit the Sanctuary, do not have access to the puma sector.



The Sanctuary is rescuing street dogs from La Cumbre. Due to the large number of dogs that lived on the streets, homeless and without food. We have found families for many of them, but there are still over 30 dogs trying to find a home. 


How We Work

The Sanctuary is only supported by the help of volunteers and with the income obtained from guided tours . But in order to continue being a refuge for so many animals and to welcome more, we need YOUR collaboration. Donate to Proyecto Carayá and discover how to volunteer.

About the Caraya team

We work with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers to complete our mission. If you want to help our cause and work with monkeys make sure to check out the Volunteer page.

Our team members

Maria Alejandra Juarez


Mayu Pilsel


Juan Pablo


Malen Pilsel


Carola Milozzi


Carola Arnijas


Maria Ahumada


Pablo Freire


We Need Your Support

In the future, the Proyecto Carayá aims to return those rehabilitated monkeys to their natural habitat in northern Argentina. Together with local communities, we plan to work on the development of a nature reserve dedicated to conservation of native flora and fauna.

As well as, continue working on the development of our Sanctuary as a self-sustaining space. By building an orchard that allows us to produce food for the animals and people who inhabit the place. To achieve our goals, we trust on the support of ours visitors, volunteers, and acquaintances to donate their time, resources, and spread our mission to keep our efforts going.

We appreciate your help in any way!