Mandala “Noa”

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Mandala "Noa"

Llego a La Reserva siendo bebe, su madre y hermana murieron mientras habitaban un campo que era trillado. Costo mucho sacarla adelante por la mala alimentación de quien se hizo cargo, tenía problemas de descalcificación, lo que hacía que al momento de saltar le dolieran los hueso. Tuvo atención personalizada intensiva durante casi un año, pero ya se encuentra en optimas condiciones.

Mandala "Noa" 

Arrived at the Sanctuary, when she was a baby. Her mother and sister were killed while living in a wheat field. It was very hard to rehabilitate her and took a long time. The people that were in charge of her before her arrival, fed her in a very bad way. That's why she has problems with decalcification, which means that when is time to jump, she suffers bone pain. She had intensive personal attention for almost a year and is already in optimal conditions.

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