Nala (Puma)

At the sanctuary, we implement a program to prevent the killing of wild cougars (pumas) in the area, because they attacked the cattle from the farms. So we decided to repopulate the area with one of the natural prey of the puma, the vizcacha. Over the years, the wild pumas of the region desist from attacking the cattle and become “vizcacheras pumas.” Inside the Sanctuary we had detected a female puma. One night, our dog brought us two babies pumas. One was almost dead and only one of them survived. The wild puma that we had seen was gone. We believe that she died, and our dog heard the crying of their babies and rescue them.

US$ 15.00 ($500 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a monkey for a month 

US$ 10.00 ($400.00 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a dog for a month 

US$ 20.00 ($800.00 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a puma for a week 

US$ 25.00 ($1000.00 AR – Aprox.) 
It can buy a box of bananas


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