JURY (Carayá Male)

He was confiscated by the police because he was going free inside the car of his owners. After biting on several occasions his neighbors and almost die on the power line, he arrived at the Sanctuary. The “owners” were convinced of wanting him and went to the center to get him back. They assured that the monkey did not drink water because he liked Coca Cola more and that he was used the toilet. They tried so hard to get him back so we needed help from justice to stop them. Yuri was adapted very well. He is a very tolerable father with his offsprings and with those he adopts. Jury is a very attractive male for females.

US$ 15.00 ($500 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a monkey for a month 

US$ 10.00 ($400.00 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a dog for a month 

US$ 20.00 ($800.00 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a puma for a week 

US$ 25.00 ($1000.00 AR – Aprox.) 
It can buy a box of bananas


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