Flofi (Female Capuchin)

She arrived when she was a juvenile with her mother. She has many offspring and all of them survive, which shows an excellent maternal capacity. She loves to exchange things with humans. While the food is being prepared in the kitchen, she appears every day through the window. When we don’t give her anything, she looks for items and throws it out the window, trying to exchange. If she like something, she returns to the window and when she is ignored, she looks for the fecal matter and throw it.

US$ 15.00 ($500 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a monkey for a month 

US$ 10.00 ($400.00 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a dog for a month 

US$ 20.00 ($800.00 AR – Aprox.) 
Feed a puma for a week 

US$ 25.00 ($1000.00 AR – Aprox.) 
It can buy a box of bananas


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