Fundraising Initiative to save the Sanctuary in the face of COVID-19 Impact

Current Situation

Proyecto Carayá must announce that considering the global situation with the Corona Virus and in order to protect the safety of our animals, we must close the Sanctuary to visitors and volunteers. Unfortunately the ONLY income the Sanctuary has is via the entry of the visitors and most of the work is done by volunteers. We receive NO support from the government nor companies at the moment. Due to the alarming situation we are going through, we are in the need to ask our friends, volunteers, visitors and all the people that care about animals to help Proyecto Carayá to continue operation. At the moment we are taking care of more than 170 monkeys, 40 dogs, 7 pumas that completely depend on our food supplies. We are also home for llamas, donkeys, vizcachas, wild pumas a many other animals but they supply themselves with food food that grows in the field. We buy fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, noodles, rice, polenta, soy, bread, milk, cereals and dog food two or three times a week (depending on the demand). It is a total of:

  • $22.000 per week (approx): USD 350 (appox) *
  • $88.000 per month (approx): USD 1400 (appox) *

*These numbers are approximate because of the inflation and the different types of dollar changes in the country. (This amount doesn’t show the expense of gas, electricity, petrol, materials for working, medicine and the taxis that we are currently using to buy all the supplies downtown because we don’t have a vehicle at the moment.)

How you can help

  1. Donate to any monkey. The simplest thing you can do is donate to any monkey on this site. These funds go directly to our PayPal account and we can use them immediately for food & supplies for the animals.
  2. Pick a monkey, form a team and solicit donations. We are working closely with Charity Makeover to launch a fundraising effort initially reaching out to the groups from Remote Year who originally helped build our digital presence. While this outreach is targeted at RY groups, anyone can form a team (office colleagues, friend group, club or other affiliation). We will name the monkey after your team if  you raise more than $300.  If we can raise $10k in total across all teams that should sustain us long enough to weather the COVID situation at which point we can re-open the sanctuary to visitors and volunteers and our revenue and labor problem will be solved.
    Edit the spreadsheet here to add your group

We will be making a giant plaque at the sanctuary and listing the names of all the Remote Year groups who participate in this fundraising drive. The winning group will have its name at the top of that list. We will rename any monkey that’s backed for over $300 (the cost of one year of sustaining it) to the name of the RY group that backed it. Sean Tierney is personally matching the first $50 of donations for each of the first 10 groups to incentivize participation.

Next Steps

If you would like to be the captain for your group, there’s not much to do: just add your contact information to the Google Sheet, indicate which monkey you’re backing and spread the word to your group.
Thank you for your time and I hope that we have positive news to share soon. We will send progress updates and photos to anyone who donates even just $5 to save the sanctuary. Gracias.