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Age: Old enough to know better

Species: Howler

Needs: Brain food, fur polish, a decent education

Special powers: Hiding food in his fur for later

About: His name may mean “slow,” but Lento is anything but sluggish when the food bowls come out.

Kept as a pet by a family until he was more than a year old, Lento’s old family photographs show him wearing diapers, eating at the table, and taking baths. As his voice began to mature, his family’s neighbors started to complain about all the yelling, and eventually his parents knew it was time for Lento to move on to a place where he was free to sing at the top of his lungs.

Unfortunately all that human treatment meant Lento forgot how to “monkey,” and by the time Proyecto Caraya took him in he couldn’t groom himself, climb trees, or find his own food. The volunteers took him through the center’s three-step rehabilitation program, and today he eats, climbs, and smells like they monkey he is.