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Age?: Old enough to demand respect

Species: Capuchin

Needs: A rocking chair, for you to turn the music down

Special powers: 6 years on the Argentinian Parkour circuit

About: Esteban has been around for awhile, and he’s had a tiring life.

He started out as a lab animal, with humans constantly testing out products on him and his friends. Sometimes those products would turn out to be harmful, and Esteban would end up sick, or in a lot of pain.

Eventually the research facility shut down, and they didn’t have any need to keep Esteban and the other monkeys around anymore. They decided to kill them.

Luckily, Proyecto Caraya heard about their plan in time, and the staff was able to save all of the lab monkeys from an early grave. By the time Esteban got to the sanctuary he had been through a lot of trauma, and he is ready for a quiet life.

  • Jennifer
  • Jessica Davis